Frequently asked questions

  • I want to leave for Georgia with my 8-year-old son for rest. Is his father’s consent required?

    No, it is not required. The law does not provide for a special procedure of crossing the state border by RA citizens under the age of 16, therefore they can cross the state border in case of availability of a valid passport.
    The exit of citizens under the age of 16 from RA may be prohibited by the court decision.

  • I am a citizen of Germany. How many times a year can I use а regime of visa-free entry into the Republic of Armenia?

    Number of entries is not limited for citizens of the states for which а regime of visa-free entry into the Republic of Armenia is envisaged, however, they may stay on the territory of RA within 180 days in total during a year unless otherwise provided for by international treaties.

  • I accidentally poured water on my passport and partially damaged the photo. Can I use this passport for crossing the border?

    If there are technical damages (of data, photos, seals, signature, etc.) in the passport that may become an obstacle for carrying out border control of the persons crossing the state border, this document may be considered invalid for crossing the state border.

  • Tell me, please, how many car spare parts I can bring with me from Georgia without paying duties.

    The issues related to import and export of goods and cargo are within the competence of the Customs Service (website:

  • I am of Armenian origin, retained citizenship of the Republic of Armenia and at the same time I am a citizen of Russia. At present I am planning to come to Armenia. What passport should I submit while crossing the border?

    Persons with dual citizenship may cross the state border of the Republic of Armenia either with a passport of RA citizen or with а passport of a foreign citizen.