27 april 2020

Border Guard Troops of the NSS of the RA celebrated the 28th anniversary of its formation

Border Guard Troops of the NSS of the RA celebrated the 28th anniversary of its formation

Today, Border Guard Troops of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia celebrated the 28th anniversary of its formation. NSS Director, Colonel Eduard Martirosyan, Deputy Directors, Commander of Border Guard Troops of the NSS of the RA Colonel Vaghinak Sargsyan, heads and employees of various subdivisions were present at the solemn ceremony.

The Director of the RA NSS congratulated the servicemen of Border Guard Troops on the occasion of the professional holiday.

“Serving at the border has always been a matter of special importance. Even today, Border Guard Troops continue to be the guarantor of the reliable protection of the statehood of the Republic of Armenia, the security of the country and the integrity of its borders. Over time, the nature of threats to our country, the security situation, the conditions of combat service operations change, but as before, now the sense of duty towards the motherland, the tradition of loyalty and the devotion of Border Guard Troops remain paramount. In the current difficult and responsible period, you spare no effort to fulfill your responsibilities with dignity and professionalism”, E. Martirosyan said in his message.

Director of the NSS thanked the border guards for their dedicated service and unconditional devotion to the motherland.

On the occasion of Border Guard’s Day, the Director of the NSS of the RA, Colonel Eduard Martirosyan awarded Vaghinak Sargsyan, Commander of Border Guard Troops, a valuable gift. By the order of Director of the RA NSS, a number of servicemen were awarded medals for "Border Cooperation", " Impregnable Border", "Excellent Service in Border Guard Troops", badges "For Investments in the RA Security", "Honorable Border Guard", certificates and some of them were thanked for good service.